FRC Grand Prix 2017 - Marathon Times so far.....

Finally (for now), here are the best marathon times so far.  I have a feeling I may have missed people here, so please shout if it is you! (

Once I have compiled the accumulative scores I will post again.  I will allow people enough time to amend anything posted do far first though.

Marathon Best 2017 so far……………      
Lloyd Worsley 2.44.39 London SEN M
Andrew Fletcher 2.46.37 London SEN M
David Gillett 2.54.25 London SEN M
David Weekes 2.55.11 London V50 M
Phil Hoyland 3.03.03 London SEN M
Tim Warren 3.08.52 London V40 M
Peter Rider 3.12.38 London V40 M
Darren Crew 3.13.34 London V40 M
Andrew Noble 3.15.17 London V50 M
Stuart Sprinks 3.19.19 Stockholm SEN M
Chris Woolgar 3.35.34 London V60 M
Catherine O'Connor 3.51.46 London V40 F
Laura Ballard 3.55.44 London SEN F
Catriona Watts 4.02.57 Brighton V40 F
Aldous Hosking 4.05.52 Brighton SEN M
Anthony Scott 4.10.43 London V40 M
Angela Saunders 4.15.34 London SEN F
Jenny Quinn 4.20.19 Brighton SEN F
Simon Coffey 4.35.57 Brighton SEN M
Faith Cowell 4.37.21 Brighton V40 F
Ray Johnson 4.40.14 London V50 M
Alan Randall 4.43.38 Hamburg V50 M
Emma Long 4.46.22 Barcelona V40 F
Jane Wren 4.56.05 Hamburg V50 F

2017-06-23 13:46:58


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