First Lady for Nikki Goodwin at the Deal Tri ...

Catherine O’Connor 12th, Zoe Neale 16th, Gail Turbutt 19th, Tina Eke 26th, Nikki Goodwin 34th, Caroline Curtis 41st, Hazel Green 51st, Jane Wren 55th, Margaret Whitham 63rd, Tracy Wilkinson –Begg 69th, Jenny Quinn 92nd, Jody Stoakes 108th, Elizabeth Tew 110th, Deirdre Coombes 146th, Emma Long 167th, Julie Gibbs 168th,Jenny Whitehead 170th.

Vet 45 Ladies – Out of 65 competitors

Catherine O’Connor 7th, Caroline Curtis 12th, Hazel Green 18th, Jane Wren 20th, Tracy Wilkinson Begg 26th, Jenny Whitehead 59th and Emma long 61st.

Vet 55 Ladies – Out of 22 competitors

Tina Eke 5th, Margaret Whitham 9th, Elizabeth Tew 15th, Deirdre Coombes 17th and Julie Gibbs 21st.

The Kent Cross Country League – End of Season Report.

The Kent Cross Country League for the 2017/2018 season came to an end yesterday at Sparrows Den, one of the League’s most popular courses. Fifteen members turned out to compete for the club and continued to reinforce the club’s strong turn out this season.

The Ladies were first to race on a fairly bleak and windy day with seven on the start line ensuring points scoring in both of the team events.

First to finish for the club was a resurgent Zoe Neale completing the challenging 5k course in 34th place in a time of 23.21. Caroline Curtis was next to finish in 46th place in a time of 23.59 then Catherine O’Connor in 50th place in a time of 24.24. The Ladies were followed by Gail Turbutt, 74th in 27.00, Jane Wren 81st in 27.43, Tina Eke 89th in 29.30 and Margaret Whitham 99th in 35.06. 

The team of 3 to score finished in 10th place out of 16 teams and the 6 to score 7th out of 8 teams.

In the Mens race, eight club members lined up with the welcome return of Lloyd Worsley after missing the last League fixture due to injury and is now gradually returning to form. Lloyd led the Mens team home running well in 11th place on the 10k course in a time of 36.08. Ian Mc Gilloway completed a fine maiden season for the club finishing in 41st place in a time of 39.50. Andy Noble, who had earlier raced in the Folkestone Parkrun, was the 3rd club member over the line running strongly in 78th place in a time of 43.15. The remaining club runners also had a good race with Richard Fowles finishing next in 138th place in 49.01 then Chris Woolgar 147th in 50.47,Tony Scott 150th in 51.03, Grahame Eke 169th in 58.08 and Alan Randall 170th also in 58.08 in a closely fought battle!

The Mens team of 4 finished in 9th place out of 16 teams on the day.

The final rankings for the Mens and Ladies teams were.

Mens 4 to score 7th out of 24 teams and 12 to score 9th out of 12 teams.

Ladies 3 to score 9th out of 21 teams and 6 to score 7th out of 14 teams. 

A fantastic result for the club considering the strength of competition in the League.


The final individual positions for the league are based on the number of events raced then the positions in each race. As a result, a competitor that has raced all four fixtures will be placed higher than a competitor that has run three or less even if that competitor finished in a better position in those races.

The final placings shown indicate overall then the various Vet categories. The number of races completed are shown in brackets.

Senior Men – Out of 439 competitors

Ian McGilloway (4) 20th,Richard Fowles (4) 60th,Grahame Eke (4) 71st, Alan Randall (4) 72nd, Lloyd Worsley (3) 73rd, Andy Fletcher (3)87th, Chris Woolgar (3) 150th, Tony Scott (3) 156th, Barry Hogben (3) 169th, Stephen King (2) 175th, Phil Hoyland (2) 196th, Andy Noble (2) 219th,Tristan Bruce (2) 237th, Darren Crew (2) 239th, Dave Weekes (2) 244th, Simon Coffey (2) 262nd, Paul Bartlett (2) 270th, Stuart Sprinks (1) 366th , Greg Playfoot (1) 368th, Dave Smyth (1) 390th, Aldous Hosking (1) 406th and Malcolm Gibbs (1) 432nd.

All Vet Men – Out of 261 competitors

Ian Mc Gilloway 5th, Richard Fowles 38th, Grahame Eke 47th, Alan Randall 48th, Chris Woolgar 90th, Tony Scott 95th,Barry Hogben 104th, Andy Noble 121st, Darren Crew 130th, Tristan Bruce 131st, Dave Weekes, 134th, Paul Bartlett 147th, Greg Playfoot 199th, Dave Smyth 221st and Malcolm Gibbs 254th.

Vet 50 Men – Out of 99 competitors

Alan Randall 20th, Barry Hogben 40th, Andy Noble 50th, Dave Weekes 53rd

Vet 60 Men- Out of 33 competitors

Grahame Eke 4th, Chris Woolgar 8th, Dave Smyth 20th and Malcolm Gibbs 30th.

Senior Ladies – Out of 272 competitors

Catherine O’Connor (4) 23rd, Zoe Neale (4) 27th, Gail Turbutt (4) 30th,

Tina Eke (4) 37th, Nikki Goodwin (3) 51st, Caroline Curtis (3) 62nd, Hazel Green (3) 78th, Jane Wren (3) 82nd, Margaret Whitham (3) 93rd, Tracy Wilkinson-Begg (2) 108th, Jenny Quinn (2) 146th, Jody Stoakes (2) 164th, Elizabeth Tew (2) 166th, Deirdre Coombes (1) 235th, Laura Ballard (1) 251st, Julie Gibbs (1) 261st, Jenny Whitehead (1) 264th, Emma Long (1) 265th.

All Vet Ladies – Out of 176 competitors


On Sunday several members took part in the Deal Half Marathon held by Deal Tri Club, starting in Betteshanger Country Park.


Nikki Goodwin came First Lady overall in a time of 1:32:45 and the ladies also took the 1st Ladies Team Prize – Goodwin, Catriona Watts 1:53:39 and Jenny Quinn 1:56:19

Other results were Richard Fowles 1:41:28, Anthony Scott 1:44:03, John O’Hara 1:55:04, Stephen King 2:01:58, Angela Saunders 2:06:06, Philip Maull 2:16:24.


Andrew Noble (102.4) narrowly beat Hazel Green (99.4) in the quarter finals of the FRC Park Run Cup Challenge to go through to the semi finals against Tina Eke, Clive Allon and Zoe Neale.


At the Folkestone Parkrun this week Andrew Noble was the first FRC member through the finish funnel in 19:19, followed by Stuart Sprinks 19:48, Joe Bruce 20:08, Stuart Erskine 20:38, Simon Coffey 20:57, Tim Warren 21:26, Vicky Scott was second lady overall 23:50, Hazel Green was third lady overall 23:54, Malcolm Gibbs 25:14, Richard Dyer 25:31, Alan Vigrass 25:36, Clive Allon 25:50, Carolyn Lewis 26:32, Julie Gibbs 28:38, Linda Robson 29:05


Parkrun Tourism this week - In Coventry, Kelly Flannery ran the 5k course in 30:53. Ashford, Laura Segust 28:11.  Pontefract, Andrew Smith 25:50 and Lisa Smith 29:57.  Hanley, Stephen King 29:15


Jane Wren 2018-02-12 17:10:23


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